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Keys to Establishing a Fast & Accurate Restoration Estimate

Posted by Cory Sursely on Thu, Mar 19, 2020 @ 02:50 PM

EstimatingRestorationWhen a client is displaced from their home or business, time is critical to get them to pre-loss condition, quickly.  Each project starts with an assessment of the loss and a restoration estimate.  There are three key things that make us fast and accurate in our estimating. 

First, we are systemized, so each project is handled the same way and steps are not missed.  Our Project Managers (PMs) know what is needed because of their expertise and an established and comprehensive guide, so they record needed information, such as measurements and materials that are being replaced during their initial site visit. 

Second, the PMs are involved at the start of the project and visit the loss site to evaluate the size of the loss and what needs to be replaced.  PMs have the relationship with the client throughout the process and know the means necessary to complete reconstruction, so they are the best option to be the eyes and ears onsite with the client.  Then the PM collaborates with our expert Estimator who works in Xactimate, an industry standard software for estimating, to provide the most accurate cost for reconstruction.  It is the same software that the adjusters use, so we are comparing our numbers apples to apples with them.  We’re also able to provide our estimates more quickly, accurately and efficiently than many of our competitors because we use a 3D camera to take a walk-thru image of our properties.  This visual allows us to make future measurements and verification without costly travel time spent back to the site. Additionally, our Estimating team has been Xactimate certified and has years of experience to know how to code for accuracy. 

Third, we’re a Division of Wolgast Corporation, a 70+ year old construction company that supports us in our estimate planning when necessary (i.e. a total loss).  We know construction and are able to provide accurate estimates quickly as to keep the restoration momentum going and satisfy our client faster.


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How Third Party Administrators Have Shaped Our Restoration Services

Posted by Cory Sursely on Mon, Jan 21, 2019 @ 02:14 PM

Third Party Administrator Programs Provide Excellent Framework for Restoration Customer Service

Restoration ConstructionLove them or dislike them, our insurance restoration business model has been molded by Third Party Administrators (TPAs) from the onset of our business plan.  This was intentional to simplify our new restoration service division in a complex industry to satisfy all end users, i.e. insurance companies, and policy holders. 

We recognized that the TPA programs as a whole offer the frame work for high levels of customer service for all entities that we serve.  Our systems are based on the TPA frame work, so whether we are involved under one of their programs, or work that we do as directly hired by an insured, our service will be the same consistent level of quality.

What we have gleaned from TPA models:

  • Cost Efficiency and Predetermined Pricing – One of the reasons TPAs were originally developed was to help make claims more cost efficient. We use the same estimating software as the insurance carrier, so our pricing matches.  This takes out any discrepancies or a source of discontent with the insured.  It also eliminates the need for a policy holder to waste precious time shopping for a restoration company based on the price.
  • Improving Service Time – TPAs have strict reporting requirements to track response times and work progress. Our parent company, Wolgast Corporation, a 70 year old commercial contractor, has a reputation for getting buildings built quickly.  We draw from their experience and processes to set milestone dates and ensure that we’re efficient and meet deadlines established at the start of the project.
  • High Level Customer Service – In our program work by TPAs, we are regulated as to how quickly we respond to a claim, how quickly we provide estimates and how quickly we complete our work; all things that are important to the affected policy holder. This has helped us to provide excellent customer service to policy holders, many of whom have sent us letters of goodwill stating their appreciation during their time of need.  We have taken this a step further with sensitivity training for our first responder staff members to help instill in them that they don’t just need to quickly expedite critical restoration processes, but also that they need to provide emotional support to the insured during a highly sensitive time.
  • Maintaining Qualified and Well Trained Staff – Each of our staff members have been trained and certified in their area of expertise, as well as have had background checks prior to entering an insured’s property. This is how we can confidently comply with TPA programs as well as reduce risks of deviation from our reputable service.

We continually hone our processes to continue to improve our speed, efficiency, customer service, and staff development, as we speculate that TPAs will continue to expect more.  This is how it’s been since the inception of Wolgast Restoration and how we set ourselves apart.

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Your Belongings are in Good Hands with Us

Posted by Rich Droste on Fri, Nov 28, 2014 @ 12:51 PM

Home in Good HandsSuffering a disaster from a fire, flood or storm can be a traumatic experience for homeowners and their families. More often than not, the emotional trauma is linked to the loss of their personal belongings than it is to the damage to the structure. Usually, the reason for this is that people understand that the walls, ceilings and floors can usually be repaired to their original condition, or better. But sentimental belongings, keepsakes, and photos are often irreplaceable.

At Wolgast Restoration we understand the emotional connection people have with their personal belongings, and we take that very seriously. Our IICRC certified technicians are highly trained in how to recover and care for our customers’ belongings.

No matter the extent of the damage, we treat every recovered item as though it can be saved and restored to its original condition. Even if we find that something is damaged beyond repair, we respect the fact that it still may have a sentimental meaning to the owner, and we let them make the choice whether or not to dispose of it.

We take extreme care during our recovery, packing, storage, and restoration processes. We implement a thorough pack-out and digital inventory system that allows us to track each item to ensure its protection from further damage or loss. We utilize the latest methods in content restoration technology to clean, decontaminate and restore even the most sensitive and delicate items.

Everyone has different tastes in how they choose to decorate their homes and in the things they find attractive, meaningful, or useful. Our technicians take this seriously and make no judgment or comments about your personal belongings or the contents in your home. We are only there to do our job of recovering as many of your items as possible, in the best way possible. To preserve your privacy, we don’t enter any unaffected rooms, closets, or storage areas without permission from you, and only if it is necessary to complete our job.

If a disaster strikes your home, a Wolgast Restoration Lead Technician or Supervisor will meet with you before beginning the process of recovering your belongings. This gives you the opportunity to express your specific wishes and concerns to our technicians so everyone’s expectations are clearly defined, and you get the results you deserve.

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