Westbrook Apartments

Loss Event: Water and Structural Damage from Fire

Location: Battle Creek, Michigan

Services: Water Mitigation; Packout; Demolition; Smoke Odor Removal; Reconstruction

The Situation:

A fire in one of the apartments, caused by vandalism, led to extensive damage in two units. The initial unit suffered severe fire and smoke damage and the one directly below it had major water damage. Two other units were affected by smoke and fire damage, as well. The property management company has a great working relationship with the Wolgast Corporation, so Wolgast Restoration was first on their list to call for assistance.

Our Solution:

Upon receiving the call from the property management company, our Emergency Response Team quickly arrived on site to assess the situation and mitigate the water and smoke damage to all four units to effectively limit any further damage. Our team then removed the tenant’s contents from all four units and performed a complete inventory of all salvageable and non-salvageable items.

Once all contents were inventoried, they were transported to our content recovery facility to be cleaned and stored until the project was completed. At that point, we performed demolition of the interior of the units and prepared them for reconstruction.

Our crew rebuilt the entire interiors of the two most damaged units and performed extensive structure cleaning, deodorizing and repainting of the other two units. Once reconstruction was completed, we performed the pack back of all cleaned contents.
We implemented Large Loss Restoration processes for this project to provide the earliest possible move-back time for the tenants.

The Result:

We exceeded the rebuild expectations, which allowed the tenants to move in sooner than anticipated.
The project was completed in three months and within budget.

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