File Handling Efficiency: The Backbone of Customer Satisfaction

Dealing with damaged property can be a minor amount of work or a major undertaking. No matter what the workload involves, one thing is certain; it is a big deal to the claimant. The property owner is already in a stressful situation. If they are confronted with more problems than they are already dealing with, they won’t be happy. If they aren’t happy, then they are going to let people know. It may be in the form of a complaint to the Supervisor, or they may get more public with their frustrations on Social Media.

Either way, it isn’t an ideal situation for the adjuster or the restoration company they are working with in regards to keeping or creating business. That is why there is a file created for every claim, and every claim must be handled perfectly. This white paper outlines the efficient file handling methods we use throughout the restoration process to produce the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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